Taking the lead on Tower Control

23rd January 2016 – 5.00 pm

I'm really getting the hang of inking and squidding with the Tri-slosher. I get to the tower in no time on Blackbelly Skatepark, and then use the Tri-slosher's damaging falling ink to my advantage against a charger, and avoid a pesky Luna Blaster using the tower's pillar. If only I could keep up this good start, I could be dangerous. But the other team have the blasters that are a common sight in Tower Control, and which continually seem to catch me unawares. It's quite pleasing, in that case, that a bit of misdirection by me causes a blaster to be looking in the wrong place as I come around a corner, for me to get the splat.

I'm a bit out of the way, though, as my team are doing well riding the tower. I move up to help them out, pressing ahead of the tower to act as suppression and protect my squidmates. My Bubbler special really helps out here, protecting me from squidding headlong in to a blaster. We don't quite make it to the goal, but we have a great lead that will be hard to beat. Now it's just a matter of protecting our lead, which, sensibly, my squidmates don't take merely to be stopping the opponents. The best defence is a good offence, and we aim to keep control of the tower still.

There is quite a tussle for the tower, with lots of splatting going on, which works in our favour. The other team is either suppressed well enough by us, or distracted by aiming to splat us to go for the tower. Our lead is never really in danger. And the Tri-slosher continues to bag me plenty of splats, even if I get in harm's way quite a lot too.

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