Landing feet first on Tower Control

24th January 2016 – 5.39 pm

I can move fast with the Tri-slosher, but not Inkbrush-fast. The only problem with the start is us bumping in to each other. Having to deal with long-range weapons like the Squelcher, when I'm wielding the short-range Tri-slosher comes in second, though.

Our early lead is protected, and then I go in to denial-of-squid mode. Denial of squids can be a good tactic, as long as your team is tending to move forwards, and ours was. The less time they have squids up and squidding, the less pressure there is on us, and hopefully the us that is on the tower.

Flanking works quite well on Blackbelly Skatepark too. The tower head down one of the side channels, and that channel is often focussed on by the defending team. It's easy to do, because there is a direct route from the base where you spawn, and going the long way around could be costly. But coming from the other direction doesn't cost too much time, and has the opportunity to pay off quite well.

In this case, no one seems to notice a rogue squid coming from the side. This is made more fun by having that one squid run on the grate above me without apparently noticing me, until he's splatted. From there, I catch the others by surprise as they think they've pushed us back. Top kek, as they say.

The final push works well. I pop my Bubbler and share it with those on the tower, then press forwards off the tower. The other squids can push the tower forwards, and with my bubble I am better off clearing the other team out of the tower's way. I may get splatted, but I get my feet on the tower for the victory.

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