Having it in for Eddie

25th January 2016 – 5.59 pm

It's not my first game of Tower Control for the evening. Even so, I'm impressed by how smoothly I'm running with the Tri-slosher, getting to the central column and on the tower in no time. What I notice next is that I splat Eddie, then I splat Eddie again. As a main problem with curating so many Splatoon gameplay videos is coming up with titles, seeing Eddie splatted twice so quickly gives me the title I need. To hell with accuracy, it's good enough and helps me differentiate the games. That's all that really matters.

I get to editing the video. Trim the edges first, to get rid of extraneous footage. This lets me see, at the end of the battle, I've got fifteen splats. Fifteen! First, I love how the tri-slosher can bag me so many splats so consistently. Second, can I really title a video 'Having it in for Eddie' if I get so many splats that aren't him? Of course I can! But I review the footage anyway, just to see how many times I actually splatted him.

I review the footage because it gives me two options. I can either excuse the title as being something that's difficult to conjure and I just noticed Eddie as being the victim of my first two splats. Like above, essentially. Or I can point out that, even with fifteen splats to my name, with four squids on the other team, Eddie was perhaps incidentally my target more than the others. What I didn't expect to find was that I splatted Eddie nine times. Nine times. If I splatted him any more, he'd barf up a lung.

Amusingly, the ninth time I splat Eddie is when the battle's over. Sorry, Eddie. It's nothing personal.

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