Tower Control mayhem on Blackbelly Skatepark

26th January 2016 – 5.08 pm

A quick rush to the tower as is usual, and I take control. Noticing the trail of pink ink below me, I infer the presence of the opposition and aim to splat him, which I do. I fall off the tower in the process of getting the splat, which can be a little awkward on Blackberry Skatepark, as the tower ends up off the ground. Not too far off the ground in this case, so a little ink up the side, and I can jump, squid, and climb back on to get the tower moving again. Until I'm splatted.

Going back for the tower squids me in to the path of multiple opponents, and I don't last long. I take a different route, looking to flank any attackers, which seems to work. I help a squidmate as he rides the tower, and maybe use my Bubbler Special a little early. But we push the tower quite close to the goal.

But look at all those rapid shooters! So much ink is being sprayed around by our opponents, it all seems a little overwhelming at times. And how that Seeker missed me at 2'33", given that they home in on inklings, I don't know. It's no surprise that they get control of the tower and threaten even our good lead.

A bit of height advantage and a Tri-slosher helps to suppress the opponents for a bit, but I need to stop for ink too. Rather than continue to throw myself at the opponents down the narrow corridor, I squid through the middle, letting me ink turf for us to move through, charge my Special, and hopefully catch some squids by surprise.

In the end, our lead holds. It's a good result, and one that shows the importance of controlling the tower, and not just preventing the other team from controlling it. Resetting the tower is okay, but riding it beyond its starting position gives the opponents further to ride it, and us more time to retake control.

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