First look at Piranha Pit on Turf War

7th February 2016 – 5.48 pm

Not much of a first look any more, as Piranha Pit was released at the end of December, but it's my first game on the map. Rather than head directly in to Ranked battles on unfamiliar terrain, I pop on to Turf War first. It's a bit more relaxed, less focussed on a point on the map, and gives a chance to take a look around. And before that, I have a quick recon too, which lets you run around inking the map by yourself.

Piranha Pit looks to be a decent map, with lots of open space, and there are conveyer belts that whiz you around. Having the conveyer belts as ramps in the middle of the map will be interesting, and those at the edges push you in a certain direction, but can be squidded along the wrong way, albeit slowly.

The central part of the part of the map is the obvious place to engage other inklings, and most of the contested turf will be there. This makes the lower level less-travelled, which means it is some easy turf to ink, but also easy to overlook, either on your side or theirs. It's also worth noting that the conveyer belts are essentially one-sided for the sake of inking, which negates any problems with which face is up when the total turf inked is counted at the end of the battle.

As for my first battle, I'm going in with my old faithful, the Splash-o-Matic. I get a whole bunch of splats, which in part look to be because the other inklings are unfamiliar with the map. Recon mode has its benefits!

One squid disconnects at some point, so maybe this first battle isn't totally representative of Turf War on Piranha Pit. But 1534p ink turfed, and going 6-1 with the Splash-o-Matic gives me a positive impression of the new map.

I go straight back in to Turf war. My second battle on Piranha Pit pits me against low-level squids. That doesn't stop me getting splatted in a couple of silly ways early on.

I get a good score again, but it's not really cricket. I'll head in to Ranked battles soon, to get a fairer battle. I think I've got a handle on this fun new map so far.

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