Tower Control on Piranha Pit

8th February 2016 – 5.28 pm

My first Ranked battle on Piranha Pit, and it's on Tower Control. I grab my current favourite weapon for the game mode, and get throwing ink around with the Tri-Slosher. It's easy enough to get to the tower, but its path doesn't go far from the centre of the map. Along with the conveyer belts in the middle and the various paths and obstacles, Piranha Pit Tower Control makes for a frantic and tight battle.

Short and sweet for Tower Control, helped by a nice bit of Bubbling as we go past the opposition's base. After I share the Bubble around, I squid off the tower and press forwards. This generally pushes the opposition back, as they either evade me, waste ink pushing me away, or get splatted, whilst my squidmate on the tower keeps it trundling on. In this case, it works a treat.

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