Warming up to Tower Control on Piranha Pit

10th February 2016 – 5.25 pm

It takes me a little while to get my bearings. The map is still quite new, the changes from Turf War to Tower Control take some getting used to, and sometimes I'm just a bit rusty. My early attempts to ride the tower don't last long at all, but that doesn't put me off. I like riding the tower. It makes music.

Running headlong in to trouble isn't the best strategy for the short-range Tri-slosher. I need to be more cunning, and come in from the side. I'm not always that cunning or subtle, though, which is why I rush in head first. But when my squidmates have the opponents' attention, that's when I can get my splats.

I like to make good use of the Bubbler as well, spreading it around as much as possible to protect the tower, then jumping ahead to keep the opposition at bay. A couple of splats to regain control of the tower, coupled with a timely Bubble, nets me a bunch of successive splats. Although I don't splat all the opposition at once, I must have splatted them all within ten seconds or so.

That little flurry of ink when taking the tower past the opponents' base gives us enough of an advantage to push the tower to the end. It's a knockout victory for us, and a good number of splats for me. And our Splat Charger inkling is clearly on form.

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