Sensible bubbling on Tower Control

12th February 2016 – 5.17 pm

The Tower trundles its way around Piranha Pit playing its little jingle in quite a tight circuit, which pushes all the squids together for frantic splatting. Hurtling for the objective only ends up with my being splatted. Again. Maybe I should learn from this. Perhaps I ought to be a bit more wary to start with and secure the objective rather than blindly jumping on.

A less direct route is taken next, mostly because I spot that Roller rolling behind me. That seems to set the scene for the rest of the battle, where I take on the role of support, keeping the opposition at bay and away from my squidmates riding the tower.

The occasional jump on to the tower helps us keep going forwards, as well as letting my share my Bubbler with the others. Pop the Bubbler, share it with the inklings on the tower, and jump off again to throw ink at the other side with impunity for a few seconds. Keeping your squids from being splatted with good use of a Bubbler special can tip the battle.

We get really close to the goal, close enough to have to really make a mess to lose the battle. Not even jumping straight in to an Inkstrike will get my spirits down. In fact, we get the tower back and ride it all the way to a knockout victory anyway. Woomy!

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