More Tower Control on Piranha Pit

14th February 2016 – 5.51 pm

A good push at the start from us, with the whole team working together, albeit on different fronts, to advance the tower. This is soon turned around by the other team getting organised and pushing back. It looks like we have a whole bunch of inkling s who enjoy the battles and know how to play Tower Control.

I really like the Tri-slosher for Tower Control. I like riding the tower, which gives me a little vantage point for sloshing ink from above, and when the other team has the tower I have a big platform to aim for, which is great for the indiscriminate inking nature of the Tri-slosher. Getting the triple-splat in the middle of the game highlights this nicely. It would be nice if it didn't use so much ink, but I could perhaps be less slosh-happy on occasions.

The Bubbler is also good. Having a short period of invulnerability is great, and being able to share that with squidmates is better. I like popping the Bubbler on the tower, spreading it to my squidmates, then squidding forwards to clear the way, knowing that I'm safe for a bit. Of course, the other team can have their own Bubblers, and this is the case in this battle. It is surprisingly frustrating to be on the other end of an invulnerable opponent when you are using the same tactic, so it's good to have a sense of perspective.

The battle goes in to extra time, with the opposition trying to beat our lead with control of the tower, whilst we just need to get them off the tower to win. One other feature of the Tri-slosher I like is how many splats it can get me in the average game, even if it means I get splatted a lot.

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