Prancing around Piranha Pit on Tower Control

16th February 2016 – 5.15 pm

I'm really enjoying Tower Control on Piranha Pit. It's a fun map, and although probably over half of the map isn't being used for this Ranked mode, I don't think that really matters. Ride the Tower, get to the base. Keeping the tower centralised helps concentrate the battle and prevent it getting drawn out by having to squid everywhere. You can just leave your base and pretty much get involved all the time.

Of course, getting splatted right at the start isn't great, but it's pretty much what you can expect for charging right towards the objective. We have a jolly good fight for control of the tower, though. Naturally, I run out of ink occasionally, sometimes at just the wrong moment, but I can practice at better ink management.

If you look carefully, after I'm splatted and a blue pops his Bubbler and shares it, you can see one of the blue team getting thrown off the tower when a green Killer Wail hits his Bubbler. Some specials may make you invulnerable to being splatted, but that doesn't mean you aren't affected by weapons. You can get knocked back, and the power of the Killer Wail is obvious from the effect it has on a Bubbled inkling.

Our early lead is enough for us to comfortably win the battle. Our Kelp Splatterscope squidmate clearly knows what he's doing with that charger, earning himself twenty-one splats in the battle. I imagine our victory was much helped by his inkling suppression.

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