Getting confused on Tower Control

19th February 2016 – 5.39 pm

There is an awful lot of mutual splatting in this Tower Control battle on Piranha Pit. Or, at least, I get splatted when I also splat an inkling, even if it's not the inkling that splats me. It makes for a frantic battle of splatting and respawning. It also means that I lose track of exactly what's happening in the battle.

I don't aim to ride the tower too much, which is unlike me, but I can enjoy playing a more supportive role. Keeping the turf inked our colour, for freedom of movement, is nearly always a benefit, even if the Tri-slosher is perhaps not the best tool for that task. Still, it works well enough on Piranha Pit, thanks to the compact nature of the Tower Control map, and the many platforms and levels that let me slosh ink down from above.

Not riding the tower doesn't seem to be a problem anyway. My squidmates push the tower really close to the goal to start with, and I decide afterwards that getting splatted isn't as much fun as hearing the tower's tinkling music.

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