Keeping the Splat Zones covered

23rd February 2016 – 5.12 pm

The Splatterscope turns out to be a good choice to start a session of Splat Zones. Getting a decent perch in Saltspray Rig certainly helps, and keeping on the move to avoid being splatted is generally a good tactic.

I can't say I stay out of trouble, though. A couple of Suction Bombs get thrown my way, which is a credible threat, and that Inkzooka must be held by someone learning the weapon, as they normally hit me with unerring accuracy. The Dynamo Roller can chuck ink to a decent height too, so it's lucky I don't get splatted there.

I move my position to the lower platform when I realise that the blue team look to be using the rear of the map as a way to super-jump back to the battle with less threat, and perhaps to charge their Specials. It works for a while, getting me to an alternative position where I can't be sneaked up on.

Keeping mobile and aware of threats can keep you from getting splatted. Keeping your opponent at your optimal range helps too, but is often not possible, particularly with an opponent who likes to keep mobile. Most important it keeping your ink turfed, and not just the Splat Zones. You need to be able to move freely. The Splatterscope is good for covering long lines of turf with ink, and I use that to our benefit.

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