Charging through Piranha Pit Splat Zones

24th February 2016 – 5.44 pm

Piranha Pit is such a good new map. The conveyer belts add a dynamic element, there are corners to run and hide around, and perches that give chargers just enough of a view without having them dominate.

The battle for Splat Zones in Piranha Pit works well too. Access to your own zone is immediate, and the opponents' zone can be approached in several different ways.

I get really lucky with my first splat. All that blue ink could easily have fallen on top of me and unmasked me, but I stay in that little patch of green, then get a snap shot off at my attacker.

I often watch how other inklings play to get tips, and I have to say that other chargers have made it look really easy to backpedal on the conveyer belts to shoot at the top of it. I give it a go, but simply fall off the moment I reach the top.

This is a good battle. Lots of to-and-fro, with some good shots and lucky shots from me, and the same from our opponents.

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