Spreading gallons of ink in Splat Zones

25th February 2016 – 5.01 pm

My luck with the Splatterscope ran out in Splat Zones this session, so I switch to a different weapon. I'm giving the .52 Gal a try, as the Killer Wail should keep the Splat Zones covered, if I ever remember it, and the Splash Wall has shown to be useful, if I work out how to use it.

Of course, the first lesson is how to stay on the map. I like to think I catch on quickly. The battle goes well for a bit after that first fall, with us taking control of the Splat Zones, my remembering the Splash Wall, albeit a little late, and a decent move of sharing a squidmates Bubbler to keep yellow at bay.

Squidding through the ink to get under the Dual Squelcher is a good move too. Those weapons have a long range, so getting that splat was nicely done. I'm not finished with the good moves either, using the pipes to go up and around the Splash Wall of an opponent, who still thinks in two dimensions like Khan. Splatting that Inkzooka was mighty satisfying as well.

I think I do quite well, although I definitely could use some more practice with the .52 Gal. Mostly with the Killer Wail, where the one time I pull it out it is with the other team bearing down on me, and clearly not having enough time to activate it.

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