Lacking support in Splat Zones

26th February 2016 – 5.36 pm

It's easy to blame your squidmates when you lose, but sometimes it can feel like you are doing more than your fair share of the inking.

I do my best to keep our zone covered in our ink, and claiming the other zone for ourselves, but it seems that if I'm not there then our ink gets covered over.

I obviously haven't got the nuance of the Splash Wall worked out. It's suppose to provide some temporary impervious cover to stay behind, not a nice curtain through which to make an impressive entrance. Oh, and it takes a little time to unfold, so it isn't a straight gung-ho device.

But, seriously, I ink one zone and the opponents have the other one covered. I move back to the other one to reclaim it and their counter ticks down as we lose the first one. I honestly don't know what my squidmates are doing. Getting splatted a lot, by the looks of the results table. We all have bad battles.

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