Super-quick Splat Zones on Saltspray Rig

29th February 2016 – 5.34 pm

Sneaking around the back of someone doesn't work too often, making it extra-sweet when it does. There is something quite satisfying about splatting someone so easily. Catching another slosher with my own slosher is satisfying too, making me think I'm doing something right.

Not quite doing something right, I wasn't quite sure where to go after avoiding the Killer Wail. That I take avoiding action is good, that I jump straight back in to the Wail is probably a reflection of how well it was aimed.

I had some quick losses in Splat Zones in this session, so it was nice in a way to have an equally quick win.

I don't think there was an imbalance in weapons or levels. Maybe there is a level of luck involved, or maybe Saltspray Rig's design hinders coming back from a poor position.

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