Enjoying the Dual Squelcher in Rich or Fit Splatfest

2nd March 2016 – 5.53 pm

It's another EU Splatfest, with the theme of wanting to be Rich or Fit in the New Year. Personally, I'm just happy to be getting to grips with new weapons and maps in Splatoon.

The Splatfest maps are Urchin Underpass, Flounder Heights, and Mahi-Mahi Resort. The first is an original map, albeit remodelled and improved since release. The second is a relatively new map, and one of my favourites for its wonderful use of different levels and atmospheric lighting (which will be different for the night-time event). The third is a new map, and one I've yet to get fully to grips with. There are water hazards everywhere, even when the water level drops, and when the water level drops the topography changes. It should be fun!

The range of the Dual Squelcher is excellent, as long as I remember to use it, and not rush in like I have a Splash-o-Matic. Starting the battle, I take a route to get around the back of the other team. This can be effective, except that I have already forgotten about using the range of the weapon. This route requires that I get close, and I pay for that oversight, albeit with some lag thrown in.

I get a couple of splats with the Killer Wail, which is nice. I don't often use it effectively. Maybe inklings who often get splats check their gamepad to look for any opponents revealed by having our ink on them. Or use their eyes better than I do. I also manage to save myself from falling in the water at least a couple of times, mostly by fluke. I catch myself on an inked wall as I drop to my imminent doom, and I turn back to a kid instead of dropping on to a grating as a squid. I must have been in the zone.

It's an emphatic victory for Team Money in this battle! I get a decent score, but nothing great, and a good number of splats without having been splatted too many times. A good game all around.

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