Hounded by Ninja boy on Rich or Fit Splatfest

3rd March 2016 – 5.04 pm

Let's get through some of the Rich of Fit Splatfest battles. I tend to play with an aim to becoming a Queen of the Splatfest, which results in plenty of games played.

I do okay in the Rich or Fit EU Splatfest in the first few battles, but a ninja boy descends upon me from nowhere. Truly he is a master of stealth. Or just better than me at Splatoon.

Wherever there is a splat, ninja boy is there.

Still with the Custom Dual Squelcher, I get off to a roaring start. I squid up a wall, sneak around a side route to the other team's territory, and splat three of them either with the Killer Wail itself or by forcing them to avoid it.

The Killer Wail comes in useful again later in the battle, which is encouraging for my use of it. And dropping on top of an inkling using an Inkzooka and splatting him before he can get me is one of the little joys I will never get tired of.

It's a close battle in the end, but we come out on top. I get a good result with the Custom Dual Squelcher too.

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