Pushing a bubbler in to water in the Rich or Fit Splatfest

5th March 2016 – 5.26 pm

The Tri-slosher Nouveau is still working for me in the Splatfest, although I'm starting to feel the effects of its short range. Not to start with, thankfully, and neither when I take the side route in reverse to get to the opponents' base.

There's always so much more turf to ink when the water level drops! It makes Mahi-Mahi Resort a really interesting level. I'm enjoying it in the Splatfest so far.

I get lucky at one point, where the water of the Resort comes to my aid when an opposing squid pops his Bubbler. I keep sloshing ink his way and it impacts off the Bubbler to push the inkling back to his doom.

A good victory for us, and a good score for me. Not too many splats, but that's okay. It's all about turf. But check out our Splatterscope inkling: 12-0! Good game, Leonie.

Back to the Dual Squelcher for its range, and it is great to feel powerful at a distance again. Of course, it doesn't always work out, but I'm still learning.

Poor Dave gets one last loss right at the end of the battle.

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