Charging it up on Saltspray Rig Rainmaker

19th March 2016 – 5.32 pm

Back to the Splatterscope for Rainmaker, a dubious move for me, and I clearly don't have an opening strategy for Saltspray Rig yet. But I do like grabbing hold of the Rainmaker! And riding the platforms with a charger is a silly amount of fun.

How did I sneak a splat under that sight screen, then miss the Rainmaker right in front of me? I'm not a consistent charger. Some excellent use of Splat Bombs, though, even if I say so myself.

Bonus fun: see if you can spot when I think I've picked up the Rainmaker, and see what point I realise I actually didn't. Hint: I may have climbed the podium with a little excitement in my squidy heart.

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