Running interference in Rainmaker

24th March 2016 – 5.25 pm

The maps in rotation are Port Mackerel and Flounder Heights. Both rather different. I could use the Splatterscope on the Port, and a Tri-slosher at the heights, but we don't get to choose the map out of the two. I plump for the Tri-slosher to start with, the Nouveau version for the Seeker sub.

I think I contribute to this Rainmaker battle. Clearly, my squidmates do so much more, but when I catch up and press the opposition I like to think I distract them enough for my squidmates to ink their way to victory.

That was super-quick, and so is the next game: Eyes ahead in Rainmaker

Flounder Heights comes up as the second map, giving me positive vibes for the usefulness of my Tri-slosher Nouveau. The bucket certainly doesn't restrict my movement, and I'm quite happy with the speed I can squid. A quick dive past the Rainmaker and I can cause a nuisance.

The indiscriminate nature of the Tri-slosher's inking definitely comes in handy, but I think exploding the Rainmaker's shield next to the opponent's base is a bit more destructive.

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