Back-and-forth Splat Zones

26th March 2016 – 5.41 pm

Splat Zones will be the death of my ranking. I get what I have to do, and I kinda can do it sometimes, but other squids just seem that much better than me a bit too often. Today seems to be an exception, at least as far as wins goes.

I am eternally unsure what weapon to use in Splat Zones. They all have advantages and disadvantages, both in what they offer and how comfortable I am with them. Today, I go with the Splattershot Jr. At least it can spray ink everywhere for ages and the Bubbler should help avoid too many splats. That's the theory, anyway.

This second battle of the evening is interesting in how the lead swings. We get a good start, then get pushed back. The other team keep pressing too, keeping us away from the Splat Zones themselves, and I wonder why we don't do that. And then we do. It's an interesting battle.

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