Rough ride in Tower Control

28th March 2016 – 5.35 pm

A couple of frustrating Tower Control battles had me almost quitting for the night. The Tri-slosher wasn't working against aggressive splatters who pretty much ignored the objective, which wasn't the way I wanted to play. But I decided to switch weapon and give it another go. I like Splatoon too much.

I went for the Dual Squelcher. Maybe the Echolocator isn't great, but I didn't want the Custom DS because then I'd have to work out where to place Beakons. Having said that, the Echolocator does have its uses, particularly when mounting a surprise rear attack.

Whether it was the longer range, or just changing the team around, but at least squids wanted to get on the tower, and I was able to engage them properly. Even when they turned the battle around, I felt I was contributing positively to a game of Tower Control, and not just being splat bait.

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