Letting off steam in Turf War

3rd April 2016 – 5.27 pm

My Rainmaker battles keep frustrating me. Lots of skilled squids out to make me lose the coveted A rank tonight, it seems. Swapping weapons isn't helping, so I revert to a battle of Turf War just to feel like I can actually play well.

That doesn't go to plan at first. I thought the Splatterscope would be okay, but it seems that competitive players are in Turf War too.

There's nothing left to do but equip the Splash-o-Matic and wreak havoc as best I can. The start is a little shaky, but I soon get in to a rhythm and show all these 50th level squids that I know what I'm doing.

What are all those 50th level squids doing playing Turf War anyway? Is Ranked going badly for them too?

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