Playing with the S-ranked in Tower Control

13th April 2016 – 5.16 pm

I'm on a winning streak in Ranked tonight, bagging a handful of wins in a row. As I quit the lobby for a brief pause, this gives Splatoon the opportunity to pit me against some S-rank players when I return. Okay then.

The battle goes better than expected, even when I accidentally activate my Splat Bomb Rush.

That was really short. Let's have a second battle: Piranha Pit Knockout in Tower Control

9-2 with the Splatterscope on Piranha Pit Tower Control is not too shabby! I also try to help the team out by keeping the turf inked our colour, particularly if my squidmates are mired in green.

I have to admit, I didn't realise we were so closing to winning, and so was trying to keep more turf inked instead of hitting the 'Nice!' button. Rewatching this battle has my adding it to my Posted in Gaming |
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