One-way Tower Control

16th April 2016 – 5.18 pm

I know how to play Splatoon. I certainly don't press the reset-camera button instead of jump near the start of the game. But one thing I do is wear a t-shirt with the haunted trait. It's actually pretty decent, acting as a one-squid Echolocator whenever I'm splatted. And in Ranked play I can get splatted quite a lot.

It's Tower Control again this evening. The maps are Walleye Warehouse and Blackbelly Skatepark. I could use the Splatterscope, but I think I could make better use of the Tri-slosher. Let's see.

We have a little stutter with the tower near the start of the abttle, but after that, we're pretty much in control. Good job, squids.

Let's have another quick battle: Taking point in Tower Control

Suction Bomb behind me, charger aiming in front of me. What's a squid to do? Get splatted, dust myself off, and ink smarter.

A good use of the Bubbler in a similar situation, to protect me and my buddy, and then I charger ahead to protect the tower. It seems to work!

Some extra splats and making myself an ink shield helps the tower to trundle on, playing its little ditty.

And a third, as these are so quick: Where did they go in Tower Control?

Continuing with my Haunt t-shirt and Tri-slosher in Tower Control, I am still inching closer to the lofty rank of A+. Will I get there tonight? Nope.

But after an initial struggle with the opposition for control of the tower, they disappear. Judging by the squid bar at the top of the screen, it looks like my squidmates are pressing high in to the opponent territory and preventing the other side challenging for the tower.

Good job, squidmates! I didn't even need to frantically slosh ink around for an emergency Bubbler.

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