Where's the support in Splat Zones?

20th April 2016 – 5.07 pm

I'm sure my squidmates are doing something, I just don't really know what.

Mind you, a pattern throughout the evening on Camp Triggerfish Splat Zones is seeing one team with the longer-range weapons dominate. As the other map is Mahi-Mahi Resort, it's a tough call what to equip.

I hoped my Splattershot Jr's Bubbler would help, but that only works when I realised when it's charged.

Have a second battle: Missed opportunities in Splat Zones

Not a bad game, particularly as Splat Zones is still the battle mode I'm least comfortable with, but I miss some opportunities that I really should have done better with. How did I miss splatting the squid launching the Inkstrike?

Never mind, we did well as a team, and I did well as an inkdividual, and it was a fun battle. That's the main thing!

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