First E-litre battle in Tower Control

8th May 2016 – 5.50 pm

When encouraged to persevere with a charger, I started with the Splat Charger and, on getting comfortable with that, progressed to the Splatterscope. And then I stayed with the Splatterscope. Not much of a progression, really.

I think I didn't want to become a hated E-litre user. But, really, any charger is going to be disliked for being a charger, so let's continue my education and try an E-litre. Non-scope for now.

I was going to pootle around in Turf War, but, after a quick few shots in the testing ground, couldn't resist Tower Control in Walleye Warehouse. So my first game with the E-litre 3K is in a Ranked battle of Tower Control. Not a particularly sensible idea, but there you go.

Impressions of the E-litre will follow.

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