Second E-litre battle in Tower Control

9th May 2016 – 5.32 pm

My second battle with an E-litre 3K, again in Tower Control on Walleye Warehouse. My testing of the weapon isn't helped much by having other chargers on our team, but everyone can choose their weapon. I need to get good quickly.

The E-litre 3K feels really powerful. The range on the weapon is enormous, longer than I'm used to. I am honestly trying shots that I don't think should hit, and getting splats.

To have such a long range, the E-litre 3K sucks up a lot of ink with each charge. You can't get many shots out of a tank, which kinda makes having a good aim a necessity. Perhaps the scope would help, but I'd rather have a good view for now.

The Splash Bomb sub causes me many problems when trying to close down E-litres, but they are not as easy to use as they look. I misjudge the range, miss the target, or simply don't have enough ink. Maybe I should look at my gear to help with a bit of this.

Overall, the E-litre 3K is a powerful weapon, but one that is definitely not easy to use. I have more respect for those who are good with it, and maybe soon I will be one of them. I should definitely try to practice more with it.

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