Much Better Rainmaker on Ancho-V Games

12th May 2016 – 5.15 pm

Another good start to a Rainmaker battle on Ancho-V Games. I take out a couple of opposition chargers, and, this time, my squidmates charge forwards with the Rainmaker.

There's a bit of a lull after we lose the Rainmaker, and I get to see how a Killer Wail can combine with a fan in an unexpected away. I thought I was safe!

We're held back when close to the opposition base, which is only to be expected, but another push gets us really close. And I nab the Rainmaker from under my squidmates noses to steal my first dunking on Ancho-V Games. Woomy!

That battle finishes early, and so does this one: Leaving me behind on Ancho-V Games Rainmaker

Indecision as to whether to break the Rainmaker's shield or disrupt the opponents leads to a little lapse in concentration and getting splatted early.

The lapse may extend a little further, as I seem to completely ignore the Rainmaker outside of its shield as I try to cover some turf instead. That's unlike me.

We take the lead, and, after a little defending, make another push forwards. I decide to take a flanking route, to provide support from an unexpected direction, only to find that I wasn't needed. Works for me!

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