0 to 1 to 0 in Rainmaker

13th May 2016 – 5.27 pm

I'm up against an E-litre 3K Scope, which concerns me a bit. And the initial tussle in the middle of the map has a lot of splatting, and none done by me. I hope I can contribute more soon.

I can, kinda, as an irritation to be splatted as the respawned opposition come barrelling over the ridge. And I do the same again to the E-litre inkling, as he concentrates on me instead of the Rainmaker carrier.

My incidental distraction gives the Rainmaker carrier time to get past the chokepoint, and to the podium! Or does it? The counter ticks down as he squids up the podium, back up as he gets splatted, then the Rainmaker decides it was dunked after all. Woomy!

We have time for another battle: Improvising on Ancho-V Games Rainmaker

An early push in to opponent territory sees half our team get splatted, leaving me and my Splatterscope in a rather awkward position. I do what I can not to get splatted, and do it quite well.

A bit of to-and-fro, and I get my suction cups on the Rainmaker. That's always entertaining. I switch back to take a different route, and somehow survive a short-range engagement. But not for long.

I get quite close to the podium, but still with a little distance to go. A couple of convenient splats thanks to the Rainmaker's shield boosts my numbers, and gives us a clearer path, just as my Splat Bomb Rush is ready. Nice!

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