Turning the battle around on Ancho-V Games Rainmaker

17th May 2016 – 5.48 pm

Note to self: don't shoot the fans on Ancho-V Games when an opponent is on the platform. It only helps them.

The other side gets a really good start, hampered only a little by what looks like one of their inklings perhaps not understanding that the Rainmaker needs to build up a charge to be most effective.

Finally getting the other team out of our tentacles gives us a chance to push forwards ourselves, and I take a side route initially, just to get somewhere. I don't get far, but I get somewhere.

I try to be sensible on the next push and let another squid take the Rainmaker, so that I can provide support. It doesn't quite work that time, but you can't expect everything to go your way.

The next push, however, goes nicely. I'm even quite pleased with myself for inking the path up to the podium, and the podium itself, although most of the credit should go to that other inkling who cleared the path of the opposition too.

My only regret is turning back to cover the Rainmaker, instead of watching the dunking.

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