I hate A+ Tower Control

19th May 2016 – 5.31 pm

I abandon Ranked for Turf War to give the Rapid Blaster a fairer test, but only encounter more frustration. I am not in the mood for continued failure whilst trying to learn a new weapon, so I grab my Tri-slosher and head back to Ranked, to see if I can turn my luck around in Tower Control.

No such luck. I'm continually overwhelmed by quick-firing shooters supported by a Splat Charger who can't miss me. At least not everyone has perfect equipment.

My only two splats come a second before the tower reaches our base. What a crappy game.

Let's not finish on such a negative, though: Squelching the opposition in Tower Control

I'm not ready to give up A+ Ranked games yet. Or, at least, I have to slog through a few more losses before I get back to where I belong.

I try to be sensible, and equip the Dual Squelcher, relying on its range to let me stay out of too much immediate trouble. It seems that I also get some teammates and opponents that share my style of gameplay.

The weirdest bit about this game is that although I shoot at a lot of inklings, and a fair few of them get splatted, I end up with no splats. I can't say I mind my squidmates getting the credit in this case, though.

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