Last-minute Tower Control

20th May 2016 – 5.14 pm

I keep going with the Dual Squelcher. Taking the side route for Blackbelly Skatepark should let me use its range, but with no one to splat I immediately ignore my own advice and go for the tower. That gets me splatted.

The opposition get an early lead, which we aren't able to equal, and we are constantly fighting fires to get control of the tower back even to the centre of the map.

Thanks to the squid who, at 3'06", lands his super-jump and looks to save me from a splatting by an Inkzooka. But even though it stops another push by the other side, it doesn't look we're going to do more than prevent a knockout.

But with under 40 seconds to go, it all starts coming together. We're all in the right place, our specials trigger, and we work to get the tower where it needs to be, with perhaps a couple of seconds to spare. Woomy!

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