Splat Zones not going in to overtime

27th May 2016 – 5.24 pm

Switching around the weapons, just for variety, I'm going with the Splattershot Jr in to Splat Zones.

I like being mobile and not being predictable, so it's kinda funny when I try a fancy squid/jump/turn to prevent being splatted, only to have a different inkling splat me from behind anyway. Or trying to blindside a Slosher, only to see it turn in to a Kraken.

It's also amusing to try to be sneaky and stealthy, yet still have the habit of charging straight ahead in to many inkfights. But I'm wearing some defence gear, to see if that mitigates my foolhardiness a little. It probably wouldn't mitigate dropping in to a Killer Wail whilst looking at the gamepad.

I don't know why the battle doesn't run in to overtime, not really understanding how the battle is scored, but it doesn't really matter anyway. It's all good fun!

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