Super Splat Bomb Rush in Splatfest Ninja

4th June 2016 – 5.24 pm

After the battle, reviewing the video, I realise that we have a 0-0 inkling. He disappears after 10 seconds and doesn't come back. He was the Tentatek Splattershot, which left us with 3 chargers, an E-litre 3K Scope, a Heroshot Replica, and my Splatterscope.

Given our limitations, I think we put up a good effort. I manage to stay unsplatted with some good ninja moves, particularly against the Kraken, and get a good number of splats, helped by a super Splat Bomb rush right at the end.

Stayin' Alive in Splatfest Ninja

We seem to be just treading water in this battle. I use the perch near our base to keep the ink blue, but there's no real point where I feel comfortable in pushing forwards and claiming more turf for us. I think that's mostly me, though. I'm sure I could have made more of a different had I moved.

I enjoyed my encounter with the Kraken, pushing him back just enough to keep safe. And although I get a decent 8-1 splat score, and 1035p without the bonus, I probably ought to have done more for the team.

Splatting away in Splatfest Ninja

Three chargers on our team again. At least Piranha Pit is quite open, offering good sight-lines for us. Again, with so many chargers around, I abandon the idea of sticking to a perch, and try to cover as much turf as possible. Judging by the results, I should maybe do this more often.

1517p ink turfed, and 12-1 splats. I knew my aim would get better if I practiced. This battle makes it in to my Games of Fame playlist!

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