Do I shoot or do I splat bomb?

8th June 2016 – 5.21 pm

More Rollers! After the last game, I am a bit more nervous about facing them. But what could go wrong? I'm not as cocky this time, surely.

First ink to me! A Splat Bomb, but still. Second ink to me! And third! Also Splat Bombs. I swear I can hit with the Splatterscope.

Yes! Fourth splat is from a direct Splatterscope hit. Then back to a Splat Bomb, as I flail around in a corner. I can super-jump back to base, remember?

Will I get another Splatterscope hit? Yes! At a stationary target. But they all count.

Facing one down in Splatfest Ninja

At 1"13', with 2"01' remaining, a puff of green smoke just to the right of the central boxes shows that the other team loses an inkling from the battle. That's unforunate, as it's not easy being an inkling short, even in Turf War.

I suppose I should hold back a little, give the other team a chance to ink some turf, but I press forwards anyway.

Whether the rest of my team know of the disconnect or not, the advantage is felt.

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