Trying to be a nuisance in Splat Zones

13th June 2016 – 5.23 pm

As much as I like the Splatterscope, and it is more and more becoming my main weapon, I really enjoy running around with a rapid-fire shooter. It lets me be a nuisance in different ways.

I get a great start in this Splat Zones battle, albeit after an early splatting. I push the opposition back, keep them back, pop a Bubbler just to keep the ink flowing, and come out top in several engagements. I even splat a Killer Wail as it's being set up.

All that good fortune makes me a little cocky, and I keep rushing headlong in to danger, not quite seeing that I was being a bit more cunning to start with. Maybe if I wasn't splatted quite so often, I could have kept the ink our colour for longer.

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