Hard fought Tower Control

6th July 2016 – 5.52 pm

I had my couple of games with the Splatterscope, and they worked quite well after the Tri-slosher, albeit not quite as fluidly. But just as I am ready to call it a night, I see that I am one win away from being On Fire. I can't leave it like that.

I swap back to the Tri-slosher, as it has definitely been effective so far, and hope for a speculative final victory, so that I can proudly stroke Judd before I go to bed.

I get a bit carried away with pinning down and distracting the opposition to start with, losing track of the tower trundling towards our goal. That's not good, but I get my focus back and concentrate on the objective first, and disruption second.

It doesn't take long to take the lead, and steal much more of an advantage. Even though we don't much more control of the tower, we do enough to prevent the other team from sneaking victory away from us. I even grab the tower away from a Kraken in overtime. Now I'm on fire!

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