Carrying the Rainmaker

17th July 2016 – 5.08 pm

What the hell are my team doing at the start of this Rainmaker battle? They go every which way but actually towards the Rainmaker. And there's a growing body of empirical evidence that all I'll manage to do at the start is get splatted. Oh well.

At least we get a bit more organised after that, and I keep fairly good track of where the Rainmaker is. I find I'm getting worse at knowing what I'm doing as I get better at thinking I know what I'm doing.

I get some good carries of the Rainmaker, which I always enjoy doing. It's a novelty to have an Inkzooka fail to hit me too. And I get to use the Splat Bombs to splat the Rainmaker, and my Bubbler to keep me safe from splats, making the Splattershot Jr a good choice.

If you can spot what happened to that Roller at 4'27", you've got better eyes than me.

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