Splattershot and Bubbler in Tower Control

2nd August 2016 – 5.25 pm

I'm about to quit for the night, but notice I am one battle away from being 'On Fire'. I can't leave it there, obviously, so I head back in. But as I have to win the battle to get fiery, I swap to something more reliable than the Custom Blaster that I am using for the first time this evening: the Splattershot Jr. Here we go!

For some reason, I take the same route in Kelp Dome as I did with the Custom Blaster. And for some reason, it is just as effective. I splat the E-litre, get a 'Nice!' from a squidmate (I think it's for me), and regain control of the tower.

I ignore the tower for a bit, because why not, and because my squidmates are being excellent and riding it. Protecting their route ahead is a good use of my Splattershot Jr. They nearly make it too, but are pushed back next to the goal.

Not a problem! The tower gets reset and pushed forwards by our opponents, but we regroup and give it another shot. This time, we make it all the way. Woomy!

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