Crushing the reds in Pokemon Splatfest

9th August 2016 – 5.16 pm

Our little team is doing well, beating all the Team Red inklings pitted against us. I'm sticking with the Splash-o-Matic so that I can stick with this team.

What I'm noticing more about Blackbelly Skatepark in this Splatfest than I think I have before is how much the railings get in my way. Have they always been there?

I'm never convinced that planting an inkstrike right outside the opponents' base is the right choice. As soon as one of them gets splatted, they will notice and recover the turf with ink. Maybe if it's the only choice of somewhere to strike, but otherwise somewhere off to the side seems like a better idea.

And a second battle: In the line of splat in Pokemon Splatfest

I use my normal opening route for Camp Triggerfish Turf War with the Splash-o-Matic. Head down the middle quickly, then dive down the side. By the time I've got up the nettin to cross in to the opponents' territory, my Special has charged, and I can jump down and let loose with a Suction Bomb Rush.

It works well again this time, and a horizontal Suction Bomb catches out the charger looking to get rid of me. Even a Killer Wail doesn't splat me, with a bit of nifty squidding. Having a Roller finally splat me is a little embarrassing, as he rolls right over me. Never mind! Good job, Roller.

I stick around their base perhaps a little too long, as turning back has everything pink in the other direction. I'd best help cover that back up. I do, and in the dying seconds also splat an Inkzooka and charger standing a bit close to each other.

Final score gives me a whopping 1815p, which may be my highest!

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