I'm no camper in Pokemon Splatfest

10th August 2016 – 5.29 pm

My Pokemon Blue Team was working out well, but one loss seems them scatter to the wind. I play another game but decide it's time to change weapons, so back out myself to do that.

I opt for the Dual Squelcher, to enjoy its range without needing to be quite so accurate as with a charger. I drop in to the role without too much trouble, relishing the longer range and the convenience of the Echolocator. But I still don't have the hang of those rails.

It seems clear that we have a thorough grip on this battle, and the other team pinned in to their base. In fact, when we have them pinned in to their base, I hang back. I'm there to ink turf, and I imagine the other team is too. Being relentlessly pinned down is really frustrating, and I'd rather give them the chance to come out and fight.

It's a win, by a huge margin, but the margin never really matters. And given that I have the second-highest amount of ink turfed, I don't think the others were accomplishing too much in keeping the other team frustrated.

And a second battle: Still not a camper in Pokemon Splatfest

Another battle where an early advantage gets pressed in to a demoralising camping of the opponents' base.

Although I see the advantage of pressing high early, this really isn't my style. I don't want to be on the receiving end of this kind of camping, and so I will try not to be a willing participant in doing it.

I aim to cover as much turf as possible, and that's about it. One splat for me, early in the battle, and the most amount of turf inked. That'll do, but this tactic is a little ruthless for me.

I bow out of the team at the end of the battle to find a different one. I probably won't win as many battles, but I will probably have more fun.

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