Lacking ink and aim in Pokemon Splatfest

11th August 2016 – 5.07 pm

Having swapped lobbies, I am now using the Splatterscope. A dodgy game followed by a couple of mediocre ones don't change my mind about weapon choice. I can make this work!

Camp Triggerfish comes up. I can cheese this map nicely, by bridging the centre gap with my charger. Maybe not entirely sporting, but my aim is generally average enough that some inklings will get past, flank me, and splat me with glee.

Apart from nearly squidding on a grate, and missing a handful of easy targets, I give a good appearance in this battle. Not a great amount of ink turfed, but surely the suppression of the red team helps our side to keep the turf blue.

And a second battle: Splat from above in Pokemon Splatfest

Splat from mid-height, mostly. Check out my aim in the early portion of the battle! Maybe I have easy targets, but that's not the point. I've missed many an easy target before.

When you have a good perch, it can be important to keep it. Either that, or abandon it when circumstances get too hot. Luckily, the Kraken is easy to spot approaching, and can't get to me before turning back to a kid. I have my Splat Bomb Rush ready, and also spot the incoming super-jump. I keep the red team away and my perch to myself.

Of course, this is Turf War, so I take care to ink turf as well as splat inklings. When I run out of turf locally, I move my perch. It seems safe to do. There's not much point to push further fowards, though. My team are abusing their position, and I don't need or want to be a part of that.

Perhaps because of my reluctance, the red team break out of their base. Good for them! It keeps me on my suction cups, and forces me to be mobile. Quite where the Roller comes from, I dunno. But good job, squid.

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