Nice for splats, not for turf in Pokemon Splatfest

14th August 2016 – 5.26 pm

I dunno what possesses me to try a completely new weapon during the Splatfest. Maybe it was used against me effectively in an earlier battle. At least I take the Custom Hydra Splatling out to the range before taking it in to Turf War.

I think I can control the Hydra Splatling on the range, but then the targets are stationary and the turf is flat and homgenous. Getting out to a Turf War battle shows it to be quite different, and I think I only do as well as I do because the other team doesn't press as hard as some can.

The range of the Hydra Splatling is impressive indeed, and it's great to be able to stand back and pick off an inkling at the top of the skate ramp in the middle of the park. The charge rate is slow to compensate, and I will have to get used to that if I use the weapon more.

I note that the Hydra Splatling isn't great for inking turf, as my experience is that the ink goes everywhere but the turf, but I get the highest score in my team. I didn't think I should, but never mind.

And a second battle: Keeping safe in Pokemon Splatfest

Back to the Splatterscope. I may be getting the hang of Hammerhead Bridge too, which is good. I hoped I would, given how the last Splatfest helped me understand Mahi-Mahi Resort better.

I play moderately sensibly in this battle. I press forwards when safe, and pull back when under pressure. The occasional Splat Bomb here and there helps maintain my position too.

Of course, the indiscretions of the red team help me along too (mixed with inexperience from the younger inklings, sorry guys), with some easy splats of stationary targets. And I can't ignore the good coverage and support of my squidmates.

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