Good to terrible in Pokemon Splatfest

15th August 2016 – 7.00 pm

Note the pause after the Splatterscope charges. No one jumps in front of me this time, good. I get to my favoured perch and start with a splat! Then completely miss a relatively easy target.

Back to some splats and good self-preservation, and a decent shot from the ground up to the top of the pillar. Yeah, this is a good battle for me. What could go wrong?

Well, it doesn't help that the red team have infiltrated our turf and are inking everywhere. I go back to spread some blue ink around, but that makes me vulnerable. That makes me a little nervous and prone to mistakes. And errors in aiming, although I'm not sure how I miss in circumstances where chargers splat me in other battles. But never mind.

No win for us this time, but good game to the red team for breaking through ou lines and kicking our arses.

And a second battle: Versus the N-ZAPs in Pokemon Splatfest

3 N-ZAP '89s on the other team! What will this do to us? And how long have they remained a team, I wonder.

First splat to me, followed by a second after missing a jumping inkling. My aim still isn't quite that good. But I hit the Sprinkler with ease. That's something, right?

I still love seeing the launch of the Inkstriker. Maybe I should use it myself. But back to inking turf, as this battle is not a foregone conclusion.

I'm not quite sure how I survive on top of that wall with a red team inkling directly beneath me. A squidmate splats him, and then I have to use my charger as a straight shooter to splat another threat. In the end, it all works out, even if the result isn't emphatic. Those N-ZAPs are good at spreading ink.

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