Keeping it blue and victory dance in Pokemon Splatfest

16th August 2016 – 7.00 am

Chargers versus Rollers and Gals. As we're on Camp Triggerfish, we probably ought to win this battle comfortably, as we should be able to control the crossing point at the middle of the map without too much trouble. It will only be the last minute of the battle when the gates come down that we'll have to watch our backs.

Or maybe a stray red team inkling will get through, and be able to plant and activate his Killer Wail as a particularly incompetent charger can't hit the side of a barn door. Six shots it takes me! Six shots! He was standing still for all of them!

But my prediction (after the fact) comes to pass, and we keep the turf inked blue almost everwhere. So comfortable is the battle at the end that I do a little victory dance. And, yes, my dancing skills are as good as my Splatterscope skills.

And a second battle: Against the odds in Pokemon Splatfest

Oh no! At 47 seconds, the charger off my shoulder disappears in a poof of blue mist. That means we're down to three inklings on the blue team. Well, let's see what we can do.

I don't have my hopes up, as I'm wearing a new hat, for my Bubbler, and it has no sub abilities yet. I was hoping to get it some.

We're pressed hard, which isn't surprising, but I manage to break through the offensive charge and sneak down a side route. So much pink to cover over!

Thankfully, I'm not oppressively hunted, and I can spray my ink all over the place. The problem is that when I turn around it's turned pink again. This is like painting the Seventh Bridge.

I manage to evade some last-minute attention, and turn it around to get a splat, but not before the Inkstrike goes off. Watching the other inkling jump to his doom makes up for that a little, but the map is still pink all over.

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