Coming back in Splat Zones

22nd August 2016 – 7.00 am

Which way to go at the start of Splat Zones on Kelp Dome. Right! Maybe. It seems to give a decent view, but only of my spindly tentacles to a Roller below me.

I go right again, but ink ahead of me as a diversion. It doesn't really work. My Killer Wail does seem to do much either. But the sneaky route around the back becomes available, and I get my first splat.

We take a decent lead, and I seem to be getting comfortable, even without ink, right up until I am on someone's splat focus, at which point I can't squid up the side of the central column, and I get splatted embarrassingly. Well, more embarrassingly than normal.

We lose the lead, but my squidmates are on the ball. They regroup, I do what I can, and we're back to controlling the Splat Zones and keeping the other team away from them. Before you know it, we have a knockout victory. And I remain in S Rank.

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