Trying to do something in S Rank Splat Zones

22nd August 2016 – 7.00 pm

As much as I feel like a fish out of water in S-Rank battles, I hope to contribute to the team effort when I don't feel entirely demoralised.

The Custom Dual Squelcher should let me stay out of the most obvious of trouble, as long as I respect its range, which I often don't, and let me apply lots of ink to the Splat Zones.

I am quite pleased with the two soft splats right at the start of the battle. They don't really set the tone of my involvement for the rest of the battle, but that early power imbalance helps us take control to start with.

I like to think I help in my own little way, even if I still don't quite know where all the water is on Mahi-Mahi Resort.

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