Taking the higher ground in Splat Zones

23rd August 2016 – 7.00 am

The Custom Dual Squelcher seems to be helping me be a little bit useful in S-Rank battles, and my fresh new hat looks good on me, so I continue battling.

I seem to be learning from getting crushed so much to keep my distance from the other team. Or, more likely, my squidmates do a bang up job of keeping the other team away from me.

I find a useful perch, once the water level drops, and stick to it. I find this one to be a great vantage point for Mahi-Mahi Resort Splat Zones, without too many ways to be sneaked up on. But I'm far from untouchable, and I need to keep somewhat mobile.

I must be doing okay in this battle, if only because I cover enough ink to charge my Killer Wail a number of times. I don't think I splat any inklings with it, but that's okay. Keeping them out of the Splat Zones is enough sometimes.

Splatting that Inkzooka from range was satisfying. But I tipped my hand slightly with the Bubblered Slosher. If I had waited a couple more seconds maybe I could have caught him still unawares and without a Bubbler. But never mind, another win for us!

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